Ready to Transform Your Life?

Ditch Calorie Counting.
Forget About Macros.

It's Time to Live a Healthy Lifestyle AND Enjoy Food.

It's Time to Live a Happy Mediterranean Life!

Welcome to a new method of approaching health, food, and joy.

You’ll find individualized nutrition coaching to prepare for your goals with high-quality, evidence-based resources.

This is NOT a Diet, This is a Life Transformation. Are you ready to live a life full of vitality?

About The Founder

I’m blessed to live the Mediterranean lifestyle every day. I live in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

I’ve considered myself to be a lifelong athlete. I grew up playing soccer, played rugby in college, ran triathlons, and 5Ks, rode my bike 500-miles in 5 days, did century rides, and did plenty of other activities in between.

It wasn’t until I was about to hit 40 that I discovered how quickly that athletic confidence fades away, and weight piles on… and on and on. I learned how to take back my life, (re)discover my fitness, and my strength living here in Spain.

Today, I help clients all over the world do the same through personalized nutrition and fitness coaching programs.

I would be honored to help you to do the same.

Heather McDaniel Invincible Women Fitness Academy

What People Are Saying…

I love Heather McDaniel inside and out. She’s always been a hero for me when it comes to positivity, attitude, self-image, and overall health—not a trendy, unrealistic, masochistic kind, but the deep and powerful kind of health you want to be stuck on an island with 💕💕💕

Heather McDaniel is the best! She has such a passion for health and fitness with none of the shame or judgment. The perfect partner in a healthy restart!

You are positive, not preachy when it comes to the diet part of the program. The weekly phone calls feel more like I am talking to a really knowledgeable friend than a trainer making me feel guilty because of my eating habits. The weekly calls keep me honest about the workouts and dietary changes, not feeling guilty of where I am and where I want to be. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Why the Mediterranean Diet? Because It Works!

There are crash diets that slow down your metabolism and do more harm than good.

The Mediterranean Diet isn’t about denying yourself your favorite foods. It’s about modifying how you eat just as much as what you eat.

It coincides with behavior-based coaching that lets you take control of your health. And you still can eat bread if you want to.

Nutrition coaching programs are designed and tailored to YOU. With online nutrition coaching programs, you get:

• Accountability & support
• Nutrition programs crafted for you
• A clear path to reach your goals
• A healthy relationship with food
• Confidence around food

Rediscover who you really are.

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It doesn’t matter what your goals are, whether you want to feel better or lose weight. Learn more about nutrition and fitness coaching programs and apply now.

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