Editorial Guidelines

The Mission Statement

Happy Mediterranean Life is a resource for people who want to lose weight and enjoy food at the same time.

This post gives you an idea as to what my philosophy is regarding The Mediterranean Diet.


The posts on this site are helpful. Anything self-promotional will not be accepted. The tone is light and conversational.

The audience is comprised of people who are interested in the Mediterranean Diet, the lifestyle, and how to get started.

They want to lose weight and do so in a way that is sustainable. Content that promotes fad diets, supplements, and MLM products will not be accepted.

Submission Requirements

The following are the required materials for Happy Mediterranean Life.

Propose your topic and submit to heather at happymediterraneanlife.com. I will not accept unsolicited content. Upon approval, follow these style guidelines. 

Word count:

1000 words minimum. This is a guideline. If you said everything you need to say in 995 words, no big deal. Most of the posts on this site average about 1800 words.

Format for sharing:

Share a Google doc or email a Word doc.


We will not accept content with links to spam sites or affiliate sites. Your links have to add value to the article, such as highlighting a study to support your main point.

Paragraph length and spacing:

Keep paragraphs short. No longer than three sentences. For spacing, use only one space after a period, not two.


Always, always, always use H2 and H3 headers.

You cannot have a big wall of text. Break it up with images, headers, and subheaders.

Headlines have to be catchy, but not clickbait. Keep it simple and the reader has to know what they’re getting by reading the article.

Use bullet points or numbered lists.

Always finish your post with a specific call to action, such as comment or look at another article.


Images rock! Images are used throughout this site to tell a story and help people visualize the content. They’re great for breaking up text and to distill a lot of statistics into one neat image.

You can include how to images or images of the final result.

Infographics are great to include and encouraged. We do like to avoid stock photos whenever possible.

Images must be at least 600px wide and compressed images, under 100kb.